Memorandum of Understanding with CARD Odisha

Research Head: 
Dr. Deepak Jaiswal
Type of collaborations: 
IIT Palakkad has signed a MoU with the Centre for Adivasi Research and Development (CARD), Odisha on 31 October 2022. This MoU will facilitate cooperation and promotion of research and development in the sectors of fundamental training on Science, Technology, and Engineering for women of the marginalized community, Research and development projects for the benefit of underprivileged communities, Adhivasi, SCC/ST, and other tribal population, Research and development projects to address the issues of environment, sanitation, water resources, and natural habitat. Besides research in areas of mutual interest, the MoU will assist the integral efforts of CARD for specific studies in the areas of Adhivasi research, under privileged community projects and in connection to other critical projects of significance.The MoU was signed by the Director Centre for Adhivasi Research & Development (CARD), Dr Bikram Keshori Jena, and Dean Industry Collaboration and Sponsored Research, Dr Santhakumar Mohan.  Dr Deepak Jaiswal, from Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Engineering Centre (ESSENCE) is the faculty in - charge for MOU between IIT Palakkad and Centre for Adhivasi Research and Development (CARD) Odisha.