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Posted on Jul 2, 2020
The Institute has developed an Automated Lung Ultrasound (LUS) for COVID-19 screening and monitoring through cloud-based image analysis and scoring system using image processing and machine learning techniques. The technology and the App, the first of its kind in India (did not see any LUS work reported globally as well), is now available for clinicians to perform automated analysis by just uploading the ultrasound video. The Project Principal Investigator is Dr.
Posted on Apr 24, 2020
Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad has signed a Know-How License & Monetization Agreement with Kooper Medical Technology Private Ltd., a medical device and equipment manufacturing company in Palakkad for the manufacture of respirator masks and filters on April 22, 2020. IIT Palakkad has shared the know-how to fabricate the respirator mask with replaceable antiviral filters. The structural design and manufacturing process of the respirator mask, details of the filter used along with coating of antiviral agents and sealing methodology has been developed by a team of faculty, staff and research scholars at IIT Palakkad. Following the know-how process developed at IIT Palakkad, respirator masks with replaceable antiviral filters can be obtained at an affordable cost.
Posted on Apr 8, 2020

IIT Palakkad has been active in developing technological solutions for combating Covid-19 and has come up with 5 sponsored research projects. The Principal Investigators of each project are also indicated. 

Posted on Feb 4, 2020

A talk on "The IIT System – Retrospect and Prospect" by Prof. Ravikumar Bhaskaran (Retired Professor, IIT Kharagpur, Former Dean Continuing Education, Managing Director Technology Foundation and Professor in Charge T&P IIT Kharagpur) was organised at IIT Palakkad on January 30, 2020. The presentation covered the details about the origin of the IIT system and about the common thread connecting the various IITs.

Posted on Feb 4, 2020
A Short Term Course on "Roadway Materials, Design and Construction" was organised by the faculty members from the department of Civil Engineering, IIT Palakkad for engineers from the Kerala Public Works Department (KPWD) on January 27- 30, 2020. The course was coordinated by Prof. Tom V. Mathew along with Dr. B. K. Bhavathrathan, Dr. Sudheesh T. K., Dr. Rakesh J. Pillai & Dr. Veena Venudharan.
Posted on Jan 6, 2020
The students of IIT Palakkad have developed an innovative, low-cost assistive communication device to aid paralyzed and speech-impaired patients. The device uses electrooculography (EOG) for capturing the eye movements of the patient to enable them to use a customized virtual keyboard and type on the monitor. For patients affected with weak muscular movement of the eye, the device captures even a residual, miniscule voluntary motion of a finger and translates the signal for typing using the virtual keyboard without touching the keys.
Posted on Dec 13, 2019
Indian Institute of Technology, Palakkad and Arm University Program, India signed a Letter of Agreement on fostering Research and Teaching in the areas of Embedded Systems and System-on-Chip. Ms. Apurva Varma, Regional Manager, Arm University Program, India and Prof. Vinod A Prasad Dean ICSR signed the letter in the Presence of Prof. P B Sunil Kumar, Director IIT Palakkad. Through this agreement Arm donated IIT Palakkad 100 floating licenses of Arm Keil Pro Software Tool. Faculty members from IIT Palakkad and Arm have agreed to work together in building course materials for undergraduate and graduate programs.
Posted on Dec 13, 2019
IIT Palakkad and Institute for Communicative and Cognitive Neurosciences (ICCONS), Shoranur, Kerala, have signed a research collaboration agreement to carry out R&D programme on Assistive and Rehabilitation Technology. ICCONS is an autonomous neuro-specialty hospital & research institute established under Government of Kerala in 2000 – It is the first of its kind in Asia for comprehensive multidisciplinary management, research and rehabilitation of cognitive and communicative disorders such as Autism, Learning disability, Developmental language disorders, Mental retardation, Cerebral palsy, Hearing impairment, Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Dementia, Aphasia, etc.
Posted on Dec 13, 2019
An MoU was signed on September 19, 2019 with Gadgeon Smart Systems Pvt. Ltd. (GadgEon), Kakkanad, Kochi to conduct joint Research & Development in the areas of Healthcare and Biomedical technology, Wireless technology, Embedded systems, Home automation and Network systems.
Posted on Dec 13, 2019

The use of cybernetics to carry out rehabilitation therapies for stroke patients is a fast-developing field of research. Within this, the brain-computer interface is an important area being studied. IIT Palakkad researchers have found a way to improve the functioning of the brain-computer interface when used by stroke patients. Stroke patients who suffer from paralysis of limbs now have a different route to follow as far as rehabilitation therapy and eventual recovery of use of their limbs are concerned. This is by using a brain-computer interface. The interface provides a two-way communication between a person’s brain and an external device, such as an electro encephalograph.