Memorandum of Understanding with ICAR- Central Tuber Crops Research Institute

Research Head: 
Dr. Satyajit Das
Type of collaborations: 

IIT Palakkad and the Indian Council of Agricultural Research-Central Tuber Crops Research Institute (ICAR-CTCRI), Thiruvananthapuram signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 12 July 2023. This  agreement aims to strengthen research collaboration between the two institutions, focusing on advancing agricultural technology. Under the MoU, both organizations will engage in collaborative Research and Development (R&D) projects in various agricultural fields, including crop modelling, yield prediction, weather forecasting, sensor systems, and artificial intelligence. The partnership seeks to explore potential research areas of mutual interest, fostering innovation and scientific advancement in agriculture. The MoU was signed by Dr Santhakumar Mohan, Dean, Industry Collaboration and Sponsored Research, IIT-PKD and Dr. G. Byju, Director of ICAR-CTCRI, in the presence of Prof. A. Seshadri Sekhar, Director, IIT Palakkad. Dr. Sreenath Vijayakumar, Dr. Satyajit Das, Dr. V.S. Santhosh Mithra, Dr. T. Makeshkumar, and Dr. Deepak Jaiswal were also present.