Memorandum of Understanding with Intech Additive Solutions Pvt. Limited, Bengaluru

Research Head: 
Dr. Kesavan D.
Type of collaborations: 

IIT Palakkad embarks on a new chapter of collaboration by signing an MoU with Intech Additive Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore on 21 June 2023. The partnership focuses on joint research and development in advanced manufacturing processes and material innovation, which involves mechanical testing, tribological characterization, and material characterization. This collaboration aims to facilitate development of new products, components, technologies, and methodologies through extensive research and testing. Both organizations will follow a collaborative approach for mutually agreed alloys/materials.  This partnership also encourages information exchange and consulting services for specific customer programs/projects giving way to exciting opportunities. The MoU was signed by Prof. Santhakumar Mohan, Dean (ICSR), Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad Mr. Sridhar, Managing Director, Intech Additive Solutions Pvt. Limited, Bengaluru in the presence of Prof. A Seshadri Sekhar, Director IIT Palakkad.