A novel class of functionally controlled macromolecules with tunable properties for material and biomedical applications

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Sponsored Projects
2018 - 2023
Principal Investigator: 
Dr. Mintu Porel
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Sponsoring Agency: 
SERB Ramanujan Fellowship
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Precise control over the building blocks of a macromolecule is a crucial parameter for tuning its structure, properties and functions. In contrast to bio-macromolecules (DNA, protein), synthetic sequence-controlled macromolecules have some unique properties: access to unlimited functionalities (proteins are limited by 20 genetically coded amino acids), better environmental and biological stability, flexible chemical and physical properties via modular functional groups and economic synthetic route. Hence, they are excellent candidates for material to biomedical applications. However absolute control over the monomer sequence on a synthetic macromolecule is still challenging. Motivated by this pressing need, I propose here a novel strategy to create a new class of architecturally diverse macromolecule with full control on its side-chain and backbone functionalities via an efficient and rapid assembly process. I will explore the effect of functional group composition and arrangement in the new class of macromolecules on their intrinsic properties such as secondary structure, folding, and self- assembly and their effect on different applications.