Combustion and Laser Diagnostics Lab

The experimental facility consists systems for studying flames and laser diagnostic setup. The lab is equipped with a high pressure compressor (45 bar), 1 m3 air receiver, air-dryer with flow lines for delivery to the setups in the lab. Fuel supply from a cylinder bay is also available. Flow control is achieved uing Alicat mass flow controllers (MFC) of various ranges. A high capacity exhaust system is also in place for handling of product gases from combustion experiments.

The laser diagnostic capabilities include a Q-smart NdYAG pump laser and a Sirah dye laser, with the accessories like energy monitor and collimator attached in line, to measure the output energy and to create a laser light sheet respectively. The PIV laser is a 200 mJ double cavity pulsed Nd:YAG laser of 532 nm output wavelength. The laser is synchronised using a LaVision PTU X. Fluorescence imaging is carried out using a CCD camera (Imager SX 6M) for intensifying the photon count. Image acquistion and processing is done through Davis 8.0. In addition an Andor 750 mm focal length spectrograph is also available for carrying out spectroscopic studies. A Hamamatsu PMT is employed to record image instensity. A He-Ne laser and Si Photodetectors are being procured for line-of-sight measurements. Optics like mirror, filters and optomechanical components like posts, lens holders etc are available.

The following techniques can be conducted with the existing equipment

  • Particle Image Velocimetry
  • Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence
  • Laser Induced Incandescence
  • Extinction measurements

A counterflow diffusion flame burner has been designed and fabricated with a contoured nozzle. The burner can generate a wide range of flames of different strain rates with varied fuels.