Materials Testing Facility - Rolling Contact Fatigue

Design (contact mechanics) lab is equipped with a twin disc rolling contact fatigue (RCF) tester with scope for real time assessment of the tests. RCF is the phenomenon by which the durability of the contact surfaces is reduced due to repeated contact under rolling/sliding contact conditions. The test rig is used to simulate such contact stresses between any mating parts, eg. bearings and gears. The system is equipped with an accelerometer g sensor with 1g limit. The test rig has a water-cooled spindle motor that can function up to 24000 rpm. Pneumatic cylinders which can apply load up to 1000 lbs. Specimens are mounted and kept in place via collet chucks which are capable to hold 10mm and 30mm specimen loaded against discs of 180 mm diameter. RCF failure is predominant in gears, rolling bearings and cams which find wide application in machine tools, automobile and aerospace industries.