Memorandum of Understanding with Aditri Neuroscience Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Research Head: 
Prof. Vinod A. Prasad
Type of collaborations: 

An MoU was signed on July 24, 2019 with Aditri Neuroscience Pvt. Ltd. (Neuroleap), Mumbai, India’s leading applied neuroscience company, to promote research in Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technology for neuroenhancement and neurorehabilitation. Neuroleap will collaborate with IIT Palakkad on relevant project proposals submitted by IIT Palakkad for research grants from government funding agencies. It will also provide opportunity to IIT Palakkad researchers for Electroencephalography (EEG) data acquisition and analysis, and access to trials employing novel BCI- based neurofeedback techniques for enhancing cognitive and motor skills of subjects/ patients. The agreement will remain effective for a period of 3 years.