Memorandum of Understanding with Gadgeon Smart Systems Pvt. Ltd., Kochi

Research Head: 
Prof. Vinod A. Prasad
Type of collaborations: 

An MoU was signed on September 19, 2019 with Gadgeon Smart Systems Pvt. Ltd. (GadgEon), Kakkanad, Kochi to conduct joint Research & Development in the areas of Healthcare and Biomedical technology, Wireless technology, Embedded systems, Home automation and Network systems. GadgEon will work with IIT Palakkad researchers in developing assistive and rehabilitation technology devices as part of IIT Palakkad’s ‘Assistive and Rehabilitation Technology Programme’ with Institute for Communicative and Cognitive Neuroscience (ICCONS, an autonomous institute supported by the Govt. of Kerala), Shoranur, Kerala. GadgEon will provide IIT Palakkad a research grant to employ two Research Associates for a period of 2 years to work on the ‘Assistive and Rehabilitation Technology Programme’. The company will also provide necessary technology development support. IIT Palakkad will provide the R&D expertise for the above programme and work with the engineers of GadgEon and the Research Associates for developing low cost assistive and rehabilitation technology devices targeting patients suffering from cerebral palsy, autism, speech impairment and stroke. Further, GadgEon and IIT Palakkad will collaborate on relevant project proposals submitted by IIT Palakkad for research grants from government funding agencies as well as on internship of B. Tech students and suitable B. Tech Projects. The agreement will remain effective for a period of 3 years.