Funded Projects

Sl.No Project Title Department Status
41 Isolated Transition Metal Atoms on Defect- Engineered Graphene: Synthesis and Catalytic Oxidation of Indoor Volatile Organic Compounds Chemistry Active
42 Bayesian Deep Models for Efficient Privacy - Aware Learning in the Era of Big Data and Personalization Computer Science and Engineering Active
43 Drought preparedness in Kerala: A comprehensive assessment with respect to climate change Civil Engineering Active
44 Deep learning and Reinforcement learning: New algorithms with improved interpretability, scalability, reliability and efficiency Computer Science and Engineering Active
45 A multimodal brain-machine interface-based neuro-enhancement system for retarding the decline of cognitive and motor functions in the early-stages of Dementia, Stroke and Parkinson’s Disease patients Electrical Engineering Active
46 Multi-functional optically-sensitive devices with high efficiencies using perovskites Electrical Engineering Active
47 Design and Development of a Composite Heat Sink based Battery Thermal Management System for Indian Electric Vehicle Industry Mechanical Engineering Active
48 Low voltage MEMS actuation using Negative Capacitance Electrical Engineering Active
49 Analytical and Experimental Investigation on Frequency Dependent Linear Control Algorithm for Performance Enhancement of Real Life Civil Structures under Random Excitation Civil Engineering Active
50 Linkage of Large Scale Ocean-Atmospheric Phenomena on Hydroclimatic Extremes in India Civil Engineering Active